This is your sign to have a family photography session on your family farm! 

Sarah invited me graciously onto her Family farm for a family photography session and boy did we have some fun. Sarah has lived on this farm, her whole life and she is especially grateful to call this home now. When lockdown struck, she counted her blessings, because her gorgeous daughter Hazel would have a giant playground to play in. As you can see Hazel is an energetic, camera loving little gal, who is also fabulously photogenic.

Old cars, like the fabulous Dodge pictured in many of the photographs. Old cattle chutes and races to use as a maze, oh the fun she could have. Both Rhys and Sarah were confined to working from home, which proved difficult for Sarah’s work, given that no-one could train, just like many Victorian’s they were greatly impacted by the heavy lockdown restrictions.

Fast forward to 2021, and along came Maeve, she thankfully came at a time where Rhys could be present at the hospital, they were immediately in love with their second baby girl.

Sarah’s parents also live on the property, which calls for nightly trips in the ‘bumpy car’, or the yellow ute to visit Nan and Pop, which is one of Hazel’s favourite things to do. It really is the perfect place to be. As soon as I saw the ute sitting in their shed, I knew that it would create the perfect backdrop.

So there you go, this is the Foss family, with all the love, joy and wildness their life holds.

Anyways, if this hasn’t convinced you to have your family photographs taken at home, I don’t know what will.

Foss family photography session gallery:

Foss Family Gallery

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