When and where are sessions held?



Sessions can be held in locations that you hold dearly, which may be your home or your favourite park.Choosing the perfect location is an important part of the process and one I can definitely offer some guidance with. Clients are more than welcome to suggest where they would like their session to take place or use the list of my most loved locations, where there is something for the ocean lover, the bush lover and combinations of both, these locations come with the comprehensive client guide you receive upon booking.

Outdoor sessions are usually held at Golden Hour, which is how I achieve beautiful lighting and colours. This means sessions are held one hour before sunset! Please note, in Summer this can mean sessions begin after 7pm but trust me, it will be worth it.


I am freaking out! What should we wear?


This is actually one of my favourite parts of sessions. When booking with me, you will receive a whole client style guide directly to your email. As well as this, I offer full styling advice, freaking out? Send me a photo and I will help you decide, not sure where to shop? I will direct you to my favourite stores.

I also have a growing client closet that you are welcome to borrow from! For those not wanting to buying anything new, I also offer a code for Mama Rentals.



What happens if we get sick?

If someone in your pack gets sick, you should contact me as soon as you can so that we can reschedule your session.This is the same as if I were to become unwell, I will contact you and reschedule the session to the soonest possible date.

Now that you are ready book in, use the contact form to start the conversation. Once you've done this I will send you a questionnaire, this will help me understand what you are after and also give me a small insight into your family. Once booked in, I will send you all the information you need to prepare for our session together!

I will also ask for a deposit upon booking so we can secure your date.

I love your work, Let's book in!

Well, i'd firstly like to say you've made a fantastic choice!


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