Melbourne photographer

Hey there!

I'm Erin

I dare to dream and hope you do too. Dream to have your photographs captured in a way that shows your family as their most true selves.

Capture the Wild was born from a love of photography, an obsession if you will. As a teenager and even in the years prior, I always had a camera and was constantly documenting my life. Begging mum to take me to print my disposable camera photos at Kmart and them becoming captivated by the anticipation.

Now, I am forever in love with the connection of families, with the trust they put in me to tell their story. I have always loved looking through my own family albums, and want nothing more than for you to have that same feeling when looking at your own.

Facts About Me...


Photographers dogs





I am a qualified Primary School Teacher.

these are my two crazy aussie shepherds and they are my babies.

I am obsessed with Highland cows and dream to own one.

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