Inverloch Family Photography – Motherhood

September 24, 2021

As a photographer, I am blessed to meet incredible people, with amazing stories to tell. When I read about Emma and Joel’s story, I knew it needed to be told. They’re world travellers, free spirits, that have lived a full and interesting life, however this life hasn’t been without hardship.

When I arrived at our photoshoot together I instantly felt connected, Joel, like myself is a teacher and Emma an absolutely vibrant mother. Then tiny little Zindaba emerged from the car, I was blown away by how energetic and outgoing he was. A smile that would be enough to fill anyone with joy.


Now 25 weeks pregnant, Emma is preparing for the arrival of their second child, all of which is very exciting. But for Emma, she still relives the traumatic ordeal that she experienced before welcoming Zindi into the world. As soon as Zindi was born, he and Emma were separated, he was flown to Melbourne, while Emma recovered in a regional hospital. It was days before Emma was able to hold Zindi in her arms again and, in a way, she hasn’t since let go.



I am forever in awe of Mother’s. They have this innate ability to endure, the pain, the heartache and all the heaviness that motherhood brings. Sometimes I think as outsiders we forget how powerful mothers are. This family, was a true reminder of that.



This session was full of love, stories and lots of laughter. Zindi had an absolute ball running free along a beach they often frequent, he showed me how to throw a sandball and he reminded me of the beauty that is Childhood.



We got Sandy and wet. All while adventuring through the depths of their story together. Everything a family photography session should entail.



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